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The Foster-Jones Group is a strategic professional brand marketing firm providing high-quality communications solutions from digital development to broadcast “ambush” marketing innovations.  Our unique abilities and empirical expertise of designing business brand marketing plans, the use of innovative technology, public relations and effective financial management for businesses, special events and other unique projects.

A few things we’re great at

The Foster Jones Group has guided corporations, entrepreneurs, Baby Boomers, parent-preneurs, generation Xers/Yers, and millennials alike, through their entrepreneurial journey from conception to collection. We take pride crafting award-winning entrepreneurial strategies assisting our clients in turning their  their new business ventures or side hustles into sustainable revenue-generating brands. Let us provide you your freedom starting today.


Here is what we do for corporate brands:
1. Discover the purpose behind your brand.
2. Research competitor brands within your industry.
3. Determine your brand’s target audience. 
4. Establish a brand mission statement.
5. Outline the key qualities & benefits your brand offers.
6. Form your unique brand voice. 
7. Let your brand personality shine.


One of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur faces is marketing. Here’s what we offer entrepreneurs:
1. Focus marketing efforts where your customers or potential customer spend their thime.
2. Create the right customer persona for you to know your customer.
3. Market Research – create, distribute and analyze customer survey.
4. Create the right marketing strategy

5. Strategy Implementation..

The Side Hustle Urban Entreprenuer

A good urban entrepreneur mindset can’t guarantee success, but a bad attitude and a wrong mindset can certainly guarantee failure.  At The Foster Jones Group, we begin by working with our clients to uncover suitable “side-hustle” urban entrepreneurial concepts, exposing business opportunities that will ignite in them the entrepreneurial mindset.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

His ability to negotiate any scenario and sincerity to clearly understand the goals of a company or individual (professionally or personally), is a gift he loves to share.  He’s tenacious and fun, all while being willing to work in or outside the box for efficient and effective results. He aims to continously learn and serve that knowledge, knowing there’s power in it. Michael’s passion and unparalleled work ethic is evidenced on countless occasions and continues to demonstrate genuine concern for others and his community. It was a pleasure working with him and would welcome the opportunity to do so again.

Marsha Ellis

US Institute of Peace

Michael has a brilliant mind and is very creative. A business will benefit from his comment to succeed. He has a firm grasp of how to maximize the potential for a business to reach its short and long term goals.

Jerry Smith

Programming Content Director – Radio One

Mike Jones is an amazing visionary. His creative, out of the box thinking has given birth to may marketing and promotional strategies that continue to be widely utilized today. He is a great innovator and motivator and is able to rally his troops to support his visions and bring them to fruition. He is very resourceful and is able to acccomplish big goals with whatever resources are available. See less

Kara Hatton


Our Happy Clients

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