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Black Spending Power 2020 Helps White Businesses.

Black Dollars Matter
The Power of The Multicultural consumer dollar tops black spending power 2020

Boycott This Business! In fact, 76% of consumers are willing to boycott a business if it advocates for values that contradict their own. Accordingly, a company’s biggest fear when facing a boycott is its toll on its reputation and possible long-term profitability loss. But on the contrary, the black spending power of 2020 can change your company’s ROI.

Use Black Dollars To Increase Your Business’ ROI

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are being proactive by designing new marketing initiatives targeting diverse communities. Consider how the black spending power of 2020 can increase your profits.

This is not the time in the history of being misunderstood.

Black Spending Power 2020 will near $2 trillion dollars being spent by African Americans annually.

Black Dollars Matter. From 2000 to 2018, black people buying power rose 114%, compared with an 89% increase in white buying power. In the same way, black people buying power currently stands at over $1.3 trillion and is on the road to hit about $1.5 trillion by 2021. Furthermore, their collective buying power is nearly $2 trillion every 12 months. Is your business positioned to be embraced by the black community?

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How Do Black People view your business? How much of the $1.5 trillion dollars will your business receive over the next 12 months?

Consequently, The Foster Jones Group, for more than 30 plus years, creates award-winning, engaging brand multi-cultural marketing strategies that help businesses establish product equity, which works to integrate their business culture with the black spending power of 2020 culture.

Embracing the truth that the black spending power 2020 which is nearly $1.5 trillion dollars can help any business increase their profits.

We’ve built a network of urban partners that reaches over 89% of the African Americans in the U.S. As a result; The Foster Jones Group is a trusted source in the African American community. From creating marketing approaches that inform, entertain, and inspires to delivering messages through our network of channels partners, we reach the black audience.

What’s your brand diversity strategy?

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