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Whether it’s EBay reselling, Google adwords, affiliate programs, reselling cd roms, rewriting ebooks or whatever, you’ve probably seen it or bought it. I suppose I am completely gullible because I have fallen for pretty much all of them. This month I finally sat down and decided to take a realistic look at all the pure crap that’s out there promising to make you rich. 

If there’s even a slight chance that you can make money at somthing, somone will write an ebook and claim that you can make a bundle at it at home in your undies. What I found is that every single program I purchased, from the $9.95 ebook to the $350 binder were mostly recycled filler material. There is literally nothing that 99% of the ebooks on the Internet can teach you that you don’t already know or could learn for free. 

There is one ebook on the Internet that sells quite well by a man who claims to make millions every year online. For $97 he’ll show you exactly how to do it. No B.S. Interested? So was I. I bought it. Another good chunk of cash down the drain. Well at least you can benefit from my mistake and listen to what I learned from this phony “millionaire”. Here is a direct excerpt from his ebook on how to make a lot of money selling your own informational product: “Notice the top 10 selling products…

These things sell. So don’t reinvent the wheel. Make a similar site, make it look better, sound better, and price it lower.” Now listen to this part: “I always make a killer website that sells. And you can give people hope in many ways with many different products, but I find it most effective with informational products because somehow you can get away with practically promising the world, and then under-delivering. 

You are basically telling people what they want to hear.” Here’s someone who sells ebooks and other digital products online admitting that he promises the world and then under delivers as a standard practice. Oh did I mention that he also wants you to resell his worthless ebook as an affiliate? Is there no hope for making a decent profit on the Internet? It seemed that way to me, especially after reading so much expensive garbage. 

But I did find something that really gave me a sense of hope again. One day a couple of months ago I stumbled on something called E-Currencies investing and exchanging. ‘Oh great, another stinking scam’, I thought. But the more reading I did, the more I began to regain a sense of hope that there really was a great way to make income online. 

I found forums where real people were doing this as though it were nothing new. I found a training company with a real phone number and called it and got an actual person on the phone! This was different. So, I took the plunge. I purchased their (rather expensive) course at and went for it. I invested what was left in a stock market account that had gone south – around $2,000 into the system. You can actually get started with as little as $50-$100 but I wanted a head start. 

The business is to join a network of people that converts one type of Internet based currency to another form for a fee. Apparently Internet based currencies like E-Gold have become enormously popular internationally. Each day I administered my portfolio of E-Currencies as I had been taught and each day it grew. About two months latter, my portfolio is now up to just over $10,000.00. I didn’t gamble my money because this is not stock or commodities or any other securities investing. So your portfolio does not go down. It only goes up at different rates. 

I had finally made some money on the Internet. And the best part was that I didn’t have to sell anything or place a single ad or even compete with another person. A lot of people hear about this market and call it a scam because it sounds too good to be true. I don’t blame them, but I don’t really care what they think because I’m finally profitable. The conclusion? Do yourself a favor and quit falling for all those lame ebooks and programs. Find a real online business and quit trying to get rich over night. Maybe E-Currencies are your ticket, maybe not. 

The training program that I used is at Their program is not cheap, but as we’ve learned here, you can’t get into a new profitable business online by buying a $97 ebook from some fake “millionaire”. Whatever you do, I wish you the best success and next time, think twice before pushing the buy button on that ebook promissing to make you rich.


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