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Google Has Free Tools For Users

Google has become a dominant digital force in the world of the internet. Not to mention what it’s done for business owners from all over the globe. Thus, it isn’t easy to even think of any digital device without being able to access Google instantaneously. Similarly, it has become unthinkable to view the world without Google.

Google’s prominence and necessities have crept into every aspect of our daily lives. The phrase “Goggle It” has become a common expression communicated and performed by millions worldwide users. But, again, for the business owner, Google offers a diverse range of services, from productivity applications to instant messaging.

Having such a prominent presence, many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize Google offers some excellent free business tools for the users, be it generic users, people in business, marketers, or web admins. So why does Google provide so many marketing tools at zero cost?

The prime reason is to foster a close relationship with the users and build up the Google brand name.

There are numerous tools that Google offers. However, here are a few vital business tools that Google provides business owners – free:

1. Must-Have Tools: These tools are Google’s essential tools. They can make computer activities much more manageable. They include reader, IGoogle, Picasa, Docs, notebook, and desktop.

2. Maps and Travel Tools: These type of tools helps in exploring locations around the world. It may include Ride Finder, Transit, Mars, Sky, and Earth.

3. Web Browsing and Development Tools: These tools are very beneficial for the users, especially for Web developers, businesses, and students. All these tools aid in creating and using the websites. They include Sketch Up, Checkout and Web accelerator, FeedBurner, Web History, Base, Co-OP, App Engine, Website Optimizer, Browser Sync, Click-to-Call, and Page Creator.

4. Social Networking and Communication Tools: These tools can keep you in touch with your family members, peers, classmates, and co-workers. The tools include Orkut, Android, Send to Phone, Shared Stuff, Talk, Dodgeball, Friend Connect, Grand Central, and Sites.

5. Custom Search Tools: Through this tool, you have the option to refine or narrow down your search for the material. The devices may include Scholar, Patent Search, Sets, Catalogs, Search by Number, Accessible Search, Trends, Books Search, News Archive Search, and Special Searches.

6. Miscellaneous Google Tools: These additional tools can make you do different things in your spare time. The tools that are included in miscellaneous include Google Pack, Gadgets, Pinyin IME, Image Labeler, Code Search, Alerts, Apps, GOOG-411, Google Mobilizer, and Gears.

7. Third-Party Tools: These tools are associated with Google’s search technology.

However, they can enable you to do a wide variety of stuff more quickly than the existing Google programs. The tools included are Simply Google, Googlematic, Goofresh, Cooking with Google, and Babelplex.

Hence, using the tools mentioned above will make your research easier and time management.

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